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The China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) is a “Project 211” university—a government honor bestowed upon China’s finest institutions of higher education. CUPL is well known for legal academics and also enjoys a distinguished reputation in arts, history, philosophy, economics, management, and education.

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On the morning of December 23, 2013, Mrs. Sun Taoran, Director of financial management and Global initiatives under the Dean’s office of Columbian College of Arts and Sciences at the George Washington University (GW), as well as the executive director of the Confucius Institute in that University, and her party visited CUPL Xueyuan Lu Campus. Vice President Zhang Guilin and other staff concerned had a discussion with the visitors.

This visit was the first official contact on the intercollegiate level between the two universities. After learning about each other’s basic information on certain matters, such as the setting of subjects, the composition of the faculty, international cooperation, etc., the two sides, based on their respective administrative characteristics, mainly discussed the possibilities of conducting exchanges in the non-legal educational areas, including the disciplines of journalism, media, politics, management and so forth.

When referring to the student cultivation, Zhang Guilin especially emphasized on the important role of international cooperation to help to improve educational quality. In addition the two sides exchanged in-depth views and suggestions on specific collaborative arrangements, such as carrying out the 3+1 exchange for undergraduates, the 2+2 dual bachelor degree program, the 6-year combined bachelor and master degree project, and holding a summer program for media students in the United States, etc. To promote discipline development, the two sides also discussed cooperative matters concerning mutually inviting outstanding teachers either to give lessons on the opposite’s campus, or to engage in teaching intensive classes.